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7:53 PM - Tuesday, July 29, 2014
10 hour ago - slashfilm.com / Germain Lussier
Guardians of the Galaxy opens Friday and hopefully you are making plans to see it. It’s truly a fun ride, jam-packed with awesomeness. However, one scene in particular is extra packed with neat stuff. That’s Benicio Del Toro‘s big scene, in whi . . .
6 hour ago - slashfilm.com / Russ Fischer
If I had to name one fantasy or sci-fi book series that I can’t believe hasn’t been turned into a film or TV series yet, it would be Anne McCaffrey‘s Dragonriders of Pern. Actually, I did say this, and not even that long ago. The Pern books are . . .
12 hour ago - slashfilm.com / Russ Fischer
Comic Con fans got a preview of The Maze Runner, directed by Wes Ball based on the book by James Dashner, and the fans loved it. Now there’s a new Maze Runner trailer, which delves a bit deeper into the story of a young guy named Thomas (Dylan . . .
7 hour ago - Film Junk
If you’re a fan of video games at all, you’ve probably already heard about the documentary in development about the New Mexico landfill where millions of copies of the Atari game E.T. were rumoured to have been buried. The ending may have alrea . . .
8 hour ago - Hollywood Reporter - Movies / Graeme Mcmillan
UPDATED: "Combining that image and date was a mistake," said Paramount Australia in a statement. read more
5 hour ago - slashfilm.com / Germain Lussier
Simon Pegg won’t appear in Star Wars Episode VII, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be part of the film in some other way. In a recent interview, Pegg continued to say what he’s always said about the film. He’s a huge fan, he’s friends with writer . . .
6 hour ago - slashfilm.com / Germain Lussier
Want a closer look at Captain America’s shield in Avengers: Age of Ultron? Will you be able to see the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic Con footage online? What kind of videos can you find about Guardians of the Galaxy and more at the M . . .
6 hour ago - on Hitfix
The King Kong reboot is currently without a director, but Legendary Pictures has reportedly offered "Attack the Block's" Joe Cornish the job.
6 hour ago - Movie, TV, DVD, Blu-ray News - MovieWeb
An important historical date is teased on a new website for director Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar'. [...]
8 hour ago - Movie, TV, DVD, Blu-ray News - MovieWeb
Former boxer Ted Grant, a.k.a. Wildcat, runs a Starling City gym and will play a pivotal role in Laurel Lance's arc in 'Arrow' Season 3. [...]
6 hour ago - Movie, TV, DVD, Blu-ray News - MovieWeb
A single mother fights to protect her home and her children from a dangerous stranger in the thriller 'No Good Deed'. [...]
6 hour ago - Hollywood Reporter - Movies / Gregg Kilday
The film, starring Lara Vosburgh and directed by Seth Grossman, premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival.read more
5 hour ago - Movie, TV, DVD, Blu-ray News - MovieWeb
Kelly Frye will make her debut in the fifth episode of 'The Flash' as Plastique, a former bomb disposal expert who is fleeing from the government. [...]
3 hour ago - Screen Rant / H. Shaw
Kate Argent returns and Derek tries to find a pack of Buddhist werewolves in 'Teen Wolf' season 4, episode 6, 'Orphaned'.
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